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The reasons why IP camera cannot work in LAN?


1. First, check the power supply and internet connection and if there is the light of camera, also if the IP address is correct.


2. Find out whether the IP address of computer and IP camera are on the same network segment. IP address consists of four comma-separated numbers, like, or For most users are 192.168. X.X (X is between 0-254). If the first three numbers are the same, it means they are on one network. In one segment, each IP equipment (computer, IP camera or IP telephone) has a unique IP address and won`t cause conflict with other device. Usually IP address can be manually adjusted in the device. If the IP address of computer and camera are not in the same segment, you just need to change the IP address of computer to the same as camera`s.


3. IP address can be confirmed by searching with incidental searcher in camera.


4. If the IP address of camera is occupied by other equipment, you can connect the camera to computer and change its IP, or let the searcher change it then insert the LAN switch.


5. Make sure the monitor has been installed the IE control of video software of camera. One attraction is that you need to reset the "custom level" in IE security to low level before installing the control (enable the related option of ActiveX control) then input the IP address of camera, later, the system will ask you to install a control, please click YES. After the installation, login with the right user name and password (provided by the camera manufacturers) and click the link. Another point to note is most of the IP cameras cannot support the server operating system and VISTA operating system.


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