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Two tricks to identify the SONY CCD and SHARP CCD

Two tricks to identify the SONY CCD and SHARP CCDNowadays, with more and more cheap price of cameras, problems of taking substandard products as fine products, passing off the false as genuine and so on, have been urgently awaits to be standardized in security market. May many purchasing staff have ever met such issues like "if the CCD of cameras that I bought is really the brand of Sony, and how to distinguish them?"The phenomenon of good and bad people mixed up is quite normal in the market. According to the conservative estimation of the trade, there are at least 30% cameras fake Sony CCD, while in the low-end market is far more than that number. We always meet the situation that merchants palm off Sharp CCD as Sony CCD. In this way, the merchants can make more profit because the Sharp CCD is much cheaper than Sony CCD.Here we have two simple and easy methods to recognize the Sharp CCD and Sony CCD First, check its appearance—if it`s box camera, we can open the shield and observe the CCD surface and junction up and down

The above pictures are CCD compared with SONY, SHARP, PANASONIC and KOREAN A1. It is obviously that SONY CCD is less one box of the middle in both junctions of up and down, which is one of features of SONY CCD; SHARP CCD has regular full junctions; PANASONIC also has regular full junctions but with rough lines; while the KOREAN A1 has golden color junctions with two boxes less, but more narrow. KOREAN A1 is the same pincompatible with SONY CCD 405, which is the best substitute of SONY but with much worse quality.

Second, watch the image—generally speaking, the same 1/3 CCD, SONY is real and brighter in color while SHARP has serious color difference. With dark light, SONY CCD produce small noisy images but SHARP CCD is opposite.The two pictures baelow are collected by 8050 card from SONY CCD camera and SHARP CCD camera. Can you distinguish which one is shot by SONY CCD camera?

On the basis of the above conclusion, we can find out that the first one is shot by SHARP CCD camera and the second one is image of SONY CCD camera. It is quite easy to see the image of SONY CCD camera is more sensitive, while the SHARP CCD camera produces noisy image, also has poor color reprod

uction.In additional, you can notice that there is a yellow line on the right side of the second image, which can be one of the ways to identify if the CCD is brand of SONY.Besides, specifications, model of chip and package also help to make judgment. For non-professionals, the above methods will assist us more or less to recognize the brand of CCD.

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